Important Steps before taking Credit Card


Important Steps before taking Credit Card

In this present day generation, everyone is prefers to use their Credit card for different applications. In spite of carrying huge amount it is better to carry Card as it is safest way. The main difference between Credit and Debit card is, using Debit card we will withdraw our account balance only. Using Credit card we can borrow money from bank if we do not have amount as that point of time. Large number of people are interested in using as they are providing many offers and discounts. But most of them are using without any knowing proper information and this is very risky. We should try to know at least some basic information about Credit Card before having or using.

  • Initially we should know what kind of Credit card we are using. There are some types of Credit cards like Business card, Student card. The offers and discounts depends on the type of Credit card we are using.
  • Keep an eye at rate of interest if you are unable to pay your dues in some situations. They won’t reveal the amount of interest before taking Credit card but we should be very eager to know the amount of interest.
  • The most important thing is, we should know the amount of time between your transaction and the day your interest begins. In some banks will provide more grace period and some will offer very less amount of time. This should be taken care before taking Credit card.
  • Know about Credit card score also. The Credit card score will provide us many offers and discounts during our online shopping. Some banks will also provide cash back depending on your Credit card score.
  • Browse online reviews or find reviews with the people who are currently using that particular Credit card and check your offers provided with Credit card.

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